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At Roach Classics we have developed a number of performance, safety, and ride-enhancing upgrades. We modify classic cars to make them easier to live with and cope with modern driving conditions. 
Electronic Fuel Injection and Programmable Ignition Upgrades 
At Roach Classics, we have developed a modern Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) upgrade for classic Jaguar engines. Our electronic fuel injection advancement and programmable ignition incorporates the benefits of improved fuel consumption, easier cold starting and gains in torque/horse power over carburettor and Lucas D and L-Jetronic equipped engines. Being a fully electronic system, reliability and consistency of performance are assured. The system can be fitted at our workshop within a few days, and is then rolling road tuned so that it is tailored to your engine. This system is equally suited to standard or modified engines, and its versatility allows the car's original system to be reinstated at a later date if so desired. 
Five Speed Gearbox Upgrades 
Our five-speed gearbox upgrades offer improve performance and fuel efficiency, with a selection of 5th gear ratio options. 
Suspension Upgrades 
Adjustable shock-absorbers, spring modifications and anti-roll bar options improve ride, handling and overall safety of your classic Jaguar. 
Starter Motor & Alternator 
We offer a high torque starter option for your classic. Allows for easier more efficient starting. 
An alternator that looks like a dynamo! A Dynator is a direct replacement for your Dynamo so keeps that classic appearance with the benefit of reliable battery charging. 
Electric Power Assisted Steering 
Decreased effort with adjustable sensitivity offers a more modern feel to your classic, with the option of a smaller diameter steering wheel. 
E-Type Wiper Motor upgrade 
For faster more reliable wipers, able to keep pace with the E-type, we offer a modern high torque motor. 
Braking System Upgrades 
Drum to disc brake conversions, standard caliper or uprated option, offers improved braking performance. 
Retrimming service 
If you have a saggy headliner then we can help you. We offer a complete replacement retrimmed headliner fitted on-site. Discoloured leather seats and bolster wear is a common sight. We can repair your seats and re-colour them to restore their beauty. We can offer other trimming services just tell us your requirements. 
Air Conditioning Upgrades 
R12 to R134A conversion kits allows us to breath new life into your old system. Our compressor upgrades allow you to stay cool in summer whilst achieving better fuel economy. 
Lucas L549 Tail Light LED Conversion 
To add safety, and retain the looks of your classic we are able to modify the existing Lucas lamp by adding an amber LED panel. Whether it be a Triumph, Morris Minor or Jaguar XK140 we can accomodate any vehicle that utilises these lenses. This is extremely bright and will glow amber through the red lens. As the modification is incorporated within the lens, reverting to the original can be performed just by replacing the lens.  
To find out more about any of these specialist modifications for your classic Jaguar, please contact us 
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